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What are the dangers associated with exposure to hazardous chemicals?

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2021 | Workplace Risks

You don’t have to work in a laboratory to run the risk of exposure to hazardous chemicals. There are countless other works, including road construction, HVAC, janitorial and medical personnel, that run a high risk of exposure to toxins on an everyday basis as well.

One of the worst aspects of exposure to hazardous substances is that individuals don’t often show immediate signs of injury or illness after they come in contact with these substances. It may instead take some time for symptoms to manifest themselves. Toxins can accumulate over time, leaving patients with debilitating illnesses. 

How do workers most commonly become exposed to toxic chemicals?

The most common way workers come in contact with hazardous substances is by ingesting or inhaling them. Contact exposure may also occur. 

One of the worst parts about toxic substance exposure is that symptoms don’t often manifest themselves right away. How prolonged the exposure was and to what substance can impact how significantly and quickly a worker’s health may decline. 

Most individuals can tolerate at least some exposure to toxins. The body eliminates these as waste. What’s more concerning is when these toxins lay dormant in a person’s body and accumulate over time. These are the ones that can leave a lasting impact on a patient’s health. It can also affect fertility as well as fetus and child development.  

What are your options if your job made you sick?

When you think about workers’ compensation, you might assume that it only covers someone who suffers a physical injury on the job. Mental illness and internal injuries can affect your productivity as well, though. 

California workers’ compensation laws may entitle you to medical care for any toxic-related injuries or illnesses that emerge during your time on your job. An attorney can advise you whether that may be an option in your case.