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Back injury risks that many California childcare employees face

On Behalf of | Dec 4, 2021 | Injury Prevention

People that choose employment in the childcare and daycare industries do so out of love for children. They do not usually anticipate that working with kids can lead to injuries, but it does happen to many childcare employees.

As with other occupations, those working in a San Jose, California, daycare have the right to seek workers’ compensation after an injury occurs. However, most would agree that it is better to avoid getting injured whenever possible.

How do back injuries occur in childcare settings?

When you understand the back injury risk factors inherent to the childcare industry, you have the best chance of avoiding them. In turn, you can remain healthy and in good condition while performing the work you love.

Severe childcare-related back injuries (spinal cord damage, disc herniations, etc.) are a common cause of missed work in California. Some of the ways these injuries occur include:

  • Lifting or moving children and heavy items
  • Holding or carrying children
  • Twisting, stooping and bending

Most childcare work environments are hectic, and employees must often move quickly when performing tasks. Teach yourself to move more deliberately to avoid back injuries. For example, bending at the knees when lifting children or items can prevent many back problems.

Anytime you suffer a work-related back injury, report it to your boss and file a workers’ compensation claim immediately. The faster you act, the sooner you can receive benefits such as medical care coverage and lost wage replacement.

Employers are not allowed to interfere with an employee’s workers’ compensation rights, but sometimes they try to do so regardless of the law. If this happens to you or you receive a notice denying your claim, you may need guidance to secure your benefits.