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What you should know about a traumatic amputation

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2022 | Serious Injury

People who work around heavy machinery or moving parts are at risk of suffering from injuries due to accidents. One injury that can happen is a traumatic amputation, which means that part of the body is cut off from the remainder of the body.

There are two different types of amputations that can occur. One is the complete amputation, which means that there is no tissue connecting the part that was cut off and the rest of the body. The other is a partial amputation, which means that there’s still some soft tissue connecting the body parts.

What’s life like for a person with an amputation?

A person who has an amputation may be able to have the body part reattached, but that’s not always the case. Surgery is necessary to reattach the body part if that’s possible. It’s likely necessary to close up the wound if reattachment isn’t possible.

A prosthetic limb might be possible if the limb can’t be reattached. Even when that is possible, the person will likely need physical and occupational therapy to readjust to carrying out daily activities. This can be difficult for them to go through, but it might help them to live a better life after the amputation.

People who suffer a traumatic amputation at work will need time off while they heal from that injury. It’s difficult to consider the full impacts of this type of injury, but the injured worker shouldn’t have to bear the full financial burden of it. Workers’ compensation should help to cover the medical bills, as well as provide other necessary benefits. Sometimes, the worker doesn’t get what they’re due, so they’ll need to appeal. Having someone on your side who’s familiar with this system is critical so you can ensure your rights are protected.