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3 common causes of trips, slips and falls at work

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2022 | Firm News

It happens to the most cautious of workers and yet its implications could be as benign as minor bruises or as devastating as paralysis or even death, in worst-case scenarios. Depending on the severity of the impact, injuries resulting from trips, slips and falls can be devastating.

According to studies, falls from 6-10 feet account for nearly 25% of fall-related fatalities at work. But how do these accidents happen?

Here are top hazards that cause trips, slips and falls in the workplace:

Improper maintenance

This might come as a surprise, but improper housekeeping is one of the major causes of employee trips, slips and falls. Catching your foot on a loose or stray cable is quite easy while making your way to the printing area or rushing to your desk to answer a ringing phone.

Still on maintenance, wet floors and loose and torn mat coverings can also lead to trip, slip and fall accidents.

Poor lighting

Even if you are acquainted with the area, poor lighting can still be extremely hazardous. A single misstep can easily lead to a life-altering fall. While part of your routine navigation around familiar environments largely revolves around your other four senses, poor lighting can still mislead your perception of what you believe you know. The result, you could trip and fall, seriously hurting yourself.

Equipment malfunction

This is extremely common in workplaces that employ a lot of physical activities like the manufacturing and construction industries. Faulty ladders, for instance, is one of the leading causes of accidents, including trips, slips and falls at a construction site.

Regardless of your industry, slips, trips and falls can happen at any time. If you are hurt at work, it is important that you pursue a workers’ compensation claim for your damages.