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2 ways teachers can experience workplace injuries 

On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2022 | Workplace Risks

It’s that time of year again when parents are buying new clothes for their kids, kids are picking out their backpacks and lunchboxes and teachers are reviewing their new curriculum. Many teachers look forward to schools opening their doors again. 

Teaching isn’t often perceived as a labor-intensive job. Most people believe teachers work at their desks all day and walk the halls without much trouble, but even teachers are at risk of injuries during their job. Here’s what you should know:

Eye strain

Over the past twenty years, schools have gone from paper and pen to keyboard and mouse. Many students are learning off of computers, tablets and phones and that means teachers are looking at screens just as much. 

Looking at a computer or phone screen for long durations can be intense on your eyes. Some teachers may experience eye strain from their work, causing irritation, headaches, blurred or double vision or swelling.

Slips and falls

Every parent knows kids are messy. When a kid spills something on the ground that could spell trouble for teachers – there may even be a higher risk for teachers who teach students how to spell ‘trouble.’  

If a teacher slips on a wet surface, food or school supplies, they may experience a slip-and-fall accident. Falling could cause a teacher to experience head and spine injuries.

If you were recently injured while working, then your injuries could impair you from doing your job. People often have to act fast to ensure everything is in place for workers’ compensation.