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What are the most hazardous occupations in the country?

On Behalf of | Nov 6, 2022 | Workplace Risks

More people than ever are choosing dangerous jobs and careers to offset the rising costs of day-to-day life. These jobs may pay well, but they pose a high risk of workplace accidents, injuries and death.

If securing good pay is your primary motivation when job hunting, risky occupations can often provide that. It is wise, however, to understand the risks you could face on-the-job. As of 2018, the following occupations are considered the most dangerous in the nation, and many are available here in California.

Logging jobs

The state logging industry is not massive, but it employs many residents. Its fatality rate is 111 out of 100,000 workers, and the top cause of death is fatal contact with equipment or objects.

Aircraft occupations

Pilots and flight engineers have a high risk of becoming involved in fatal transportation accidents. The fatality rate is 56 per 100,000 employees, with crashes of private airplanes and helicopters the top cause of death.

Derrick operator jobs

California has many oil rigs and derrick operators, but this occupation is fraught with risks. Its fatality rate stands at 46 for every 100,000 workers, with the top causes of death involving transportation accidents and contact with machines or objects.

Roofing jobs

The construction industry continues to thrive across the nation. Unfortunately, it poses death and injury risks to its workforce, especially roofers. The fatality rate is 41 per 100,000 employees, and the top cause of death arises from slip, trip and fall incidents.

If a high-risk occupation sounds like your dream job, arm yourself with information. Learn about the state workers’ compensation program to ensure you obtain medical care and financial relief for your injury. Workers’ compensation may also pay death benefits to your family if you suffer a fatal work accident.