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Scaffolding accidents are preventable

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2023 | Serious Injury

Scaffolding platforms are a feature of virtually every construction site. This equipment allows workers to reach areas at a height that they couldn’t otherwise. While scaffolding has its uses, it is also potentially dangerous.

Studies indicate that scaffolding accidents are responsible for over 20% of construction-related fatalities every year. Many of these accidents are preventable. Outlined below are a few ways to reduce the risk of scaffolding accidents.

Thorough risk assessments

Scaffolding platforms can assist with work from a height, but they are not a shortcut for due diligence. Before constructing a platform and sending workers up, it’s vital that a thorough risk assessment is carried out. Is scaffolding absolutely necessary? Does it provide the safest means of carrying out the work or are there safer alternatives?

Routine inspections

Scaffolding is made from sturdy material, but it doesn’t last forever. As with any other tool or piece of equipment, it has to be well maintained. If scaffolding poles are full of rust and showing signs of cracks, then it is probably a sign that they need to be discarded. The initial cost of purchasing new equipment far outweighs the potential costs of an injured worker.

Safety features

Scaffolding and safety rails are synonymous. Scaffolding with no safety rails or with faulty rails is dangerous by definition. Safety rails give workers a second chance to regain their balance should they fall. Workers should also be provided with personal protective equipment such as hardhats, which can prevent a nasty injury from becoming a fatal injury.

If you’ve fallen from a scaffold, then it’s likely that you’ve suffered injuries that keep you from working. Your focus should be on recovery and not financial woes. Having legal guidance as you seek workers’ compensation can help you get the benefits you deserve and eliminate some of the financial pressure.