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Returning to work after injury: Your rights

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2024 | Workers Rights

The truth is that there’s always a possibility that you might get injured in the line of duty, no matter how careful you are or how safe your working environments are. When you sustain a workplace injury, you may expect to have sufficient time for recovery before you can return to work.

Recovering fully before resuming work minimizes the risk of sustaining a subsequent new injury. But what if your employer pressures you to resume work before you recover fully? What are your rights in such a situation?

Your doctor’s recommendation should reign supreme

When you get injured at work, seeking immediate medical feedback is important, even if you perceive your injuries as minor. Involving a doctor during your recovery can also help ensure that you have reliable authority you can trust regarding your well-being. Your healthcare provider will:

  • Assess your healing process
  • Identify any limitations your injuries present
  • Determine when it’s safe for you to resume your normal work duties

It’s crucial that you comply with your prescribed recovery plan rather than worrying about your employer’s timeline. This is important because going against your doctor’s recommendations may compromise your workers’ compensation benefits.

Furthermore, even after you get your doctor’s clearance to resume work, you should comply with their stipulated restrictions. Depending on the severity of the injury, your doctor may include limitations on:

  • Lifting weight
  • Modified work tasks
  • Reduced hours

You should know that your employer is legally obligated to accommodate any restrictions that your doctor recommends within reason. You can expect temporary reassignment or adjusted schedules before you return to pre-accident capacity.

When your employer oversteps

While your employer can not force you to resume work before you fully recover, they can indirectly pressure you to do so. You know your employer is trying to get you to return to work if:

  • They’re making threats about your job security
  • They’re questioning the severity of your injuries
  • They’re guilt-tripping you about how long you’ve missed work

You should remind yourself that these tactics are unacceptable and that you should take all the time you need to heal from your injuries.

Suppose you encounter pressure from your employer to resume work before fully recovering from your workplace injuries; in that case, you should consider documenting the situation with dates, details and witnesses if possible. You can then give this information to a reliable legal team that can help you fight for your rights.