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Have You Made The Decision To Return To Work?

If you are having physical or emotional difficulty returning to work after an on-the-job accident or injury, or if you have unsuccessfully attempted to return to a job, our group of dedicated attorneys is on your side throughout the workers’ compensation legal process.

We are the dedicated injured worker lawyers of Butts & Johnson, serving clients in the San Jose area — since 1990, aggressive advocates for the rights of the hardworking men and women in California.

A Team With Extensive Experience And An Innovative Approach

Butts & Johnson attorneys possess decades of combined experience with successful handling of a broad range of workers’ compensation issues, including assisting you with a smooth return to your job. During that time, we have compiled a recognized reputation for results for our clients, handling thousands of workplace injury cases that interrupted lives and threatened livelihoods.

Protecting The Rights Of Workers Returning To Their Jobs After An Injury

Execution of your decision to return to your job will be influenced by your employer, your doctor and your claims administrator. We can help you communicate effectively with each of them and proactively coordinate efforts for the best results possible. If your doctor’s opinion is that you cannot return to work while recovering from job injuries, you cannot be compelled to go back to your job.

You may be allowed to return with certain work restrictions if your employer is willing to make accommodations. If your employer is unwilling to accommodate job restrictions, you do not have to return to work.

No Recovery By Us, No Fee For You

We can assist you with every legal or occupational complication connected to your return to work, or your decision to accept or decline a job offer from your employer.

The contingency fee basis for our work means you owe no attorney fee unless we win your case. Therefore, you have absolutely nothing to lose and potentially everything to gain by contacting us. Se habla español.

To arrange your free initial consultation with one of our experienced work injury attorneys, call us today at 408-293-4818. We will also give prompt attention to your email.