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Landscapers must use proper back injury prevention

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2022 | Injury Prevention

Landscaping is a great job option for some people who enjoy being outside, but this involves physically demanding work. Anyone who is working in this industry should know how to protect their back from injuries while they’re doing their job.

Back injuries for a landscaper can mean they have to quit working while they heal. This could mean months without the income they depend on. Treatment for this type of injury can require extensive medical care, sometimes even surgery.

How can a landscaper protect their back?

Stretching before work is important. This warms the muscles up and gets them ready for the tasks at hand. They should also take periodic breaks to stretch the back during their work shift. Landscapers tend to spend a lot of time bending forward. Paying attention to the position of the back can help to alleviate injuries to the spine.

Landscapers also have to be careful when they pick items up. Some objects used in landscaping, such as rocks and boulders, are very heavy. These need to be lifted using equipment. If they aren’t too large, they might be a team lift job. When lifting, never use the back. Use the legs instead.

Anyone who suffers a back injury while they’re working for a landscaping company should learn about their rights. There’s no reason for an injured worker to have to pay the costs associated with this type of work-related injury. Unfortunately, workers’ compensation determinations don’t always provide workers with the full benefits they’re due. In that case, they may have to fight to get what they deserve.