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Common causes of workplace burns

On Behalf of | Mar 26, 2024 | Workplace Risks

Workplace injuries can occur in a number of ways. One type of injury that is often overlooked is burns.

There are several ways that work-related burns can happen. Here are some of the more common causes.

Burns from exposure to heat sources

There are several occupations that require working in intense heat, often for sustained periods. For example, chefs work next to ovens, stoves and even open flames. Another example of an occupation that involves working in close proximity to heat sources is welding. When working directly with heat sources, the risk of severe burn injuries is always present.

Electrical burns

Workers don’t have to work directly with heat sources to suffer burns. The majority of work environments are powered by electricity. If a piece of electrical equipment malfunctions, this can result in severe work injuries. Even office workers face the risk of electrical burns, as computers, printers and other electrical equipment can malfunction.

Radiation burns

Burns can also occur due to exposure to radiation. Radiation is often present in medical settings such as hospitals. While careful steps are generally taken to prevent injuries from radiation exposure, they can still happen. Radiation burns are often seen among doctors, nurses and x-ray technicians.

Chemical burns

Some companies work with chemicals. For instance, a laundromat may use different cleaning chemicals. Large warehouses also tend to have at least one or two potentially dangerous chemicals stored. If chemicals are spilled, they can cause serious injuries to those who have been exposed.

Burns vary in severity. If you have been injured on the job, then you may be entitled to workers’ compensation. This can help to cover your medical bills and lost wages. Seek legal guidance to find out more about the claims process.