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Injury Prevention

Tips for roofing safety

Working at heights, with potentially slippery surfaces and the elements against you, roofers must be constantly vigilant to maintain safety standards. Proper equipment, training and adherence to safety protocols can significantly reduce the risk of injury. Before any...

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Workplace safety: How hot is too hot?

It turns out the old saying holds true: it’s not just the heat, it’s the humidity. Humidity plays a significant role in how our bodies tolerate heat. A mixture of high heat and humidity can be especially dangerous for those with physically demanding jobs — but how hot...

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5 warehouse work dangers

Many warehouse employees are paid well for their hard work. They spend many hours of the day tirelessly helping the economy by transporting produce, valuable goods and medicine. But, this job isn’t without some issues. In general, warehouse workers are at high risk of...

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Staying safe while using a ladder 

In an ideal world, all jobs would be carried out at eye level. Unfortunately, things are rarely this straightforward and workers are often required to work from a height. This is where ladders come into play. A ladder gives you access to points that are out of reach. ...

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