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Important safety tips for roadside workers

On Behalf of | Aug 11, 2023 | Injury Prevention

Roadside work can be perilous due to the proximity to fast-moving traffic. Ensuring safety is critical. It requires a combination of proper training, equipment and adherence to safety protocols. 

Safety training provides workers with the knowledge and skills to identify and respond to various hazards. Regular training sessions on first aid, handling equipment and recognizing potential dangers enable workers to act promptly and safely. Even long-term employees can benefit from periodic safety reviews and protocol refreshers.

Wearing proper safety equipment

Wearing the appropriate safety equipment is vital for roadside workers. High-visibility clothing, hard hats, gloves and protective footwear are standard requirements. These items increase visibility to passing drivers and provide a barrier against potential hazards.

Following proper signage and traffic control measures

Roadside workers must ensure appropriate signage and traffic control measures are in place. Using cones, barriers and clear signs helps divert traffic from the work area. Employing flaggers trained in traffic control can manage the flow of vehicles effectively, reducing the risk of accidents.

Coordinating with team members and using spotters

Effective communication and teamwork play crucial roles in roadside work safety. Using walkie-talkies and hand signals ensures everyone on the team stays connected. Having spotters to watch for approaching vehicles allows immediate reaction if a dangerous situation arises.

Roadside workers who are struck by a vehicle may suffer significant injuries that require emergency medical care. Workers’ compensation coverage applies to these cases, but some workers may have to fight to get the benefits they’re due. Working with someone who can fight those battles while the injured worker heals is often necessary.