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5 warehouse work dangers

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2023 | Injury Prevention

Many warehouse employees are paid well for their hard work. They spend many hours of the day tirelessly helping the economy by transporting produce, valuable goods and medicine. But, this job isn’t without some issues.

In general, warehouse workers are at high risk of suffering from injuries that greatly impact their jobs. What kind of dangers do warehouse workers face? Here are five big ones:

1. Forklifts

Forklifts are as dangerous as any motor vehicle. In other words, they need training and experience to be operated safely. Unfortunately, many forklifts are operated by people who have little to no training, which can lead to serious injuries. Forklifts are especially dangerous since they have prongs. Their prongs could puncture employees and cause serious or fatal injuries.

2. Chemical exposure

Many of the shipments warehouse workers transport contain some chemicals. These chemicals should be properly labeled and secured inside protective hardware. But, if these shipments do get damaged, they can lead to hazardous liquids and fumes that can harm workers.

3. Overexertion and exhaustion 

Many warehouse employees have to put some physical exertion into the job. They may be asked to lift heavy objects that are moved in a way that wears down their body. Over time, employees may feel overexerted and exhausted and develop physical medical conditions. 

4. Slip and falls

Warehouse floors are often coated in oils and moisture. This can make the floors slick and lead to a higher rate of slip-and-fall accidents. 

5. Falling crates

If crates aren’t properly secured, employees may be at risk of falling objects. If a worker is injured by falling crates, they could suffer traumatic head and spine injuries. 

Seek workers’ compensation 

Most workers have a right to workers’ compensation benefits if they’re injured on the job. If you or someone you know is injured on the job, you may need to learn more about your legal options if you’re encountering problems with your workers’ comp claim.