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3 things you should do after a workplace injury

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2022 | Workers Rights

When you leave home for work, you look forward to a fruitful day doing what you were hired, and probably love, to do. Unfortunately, accidents happen in the workplace sometimes. And when you are involved in one, you might be left with serious injuries. This is why workers’ compensation is in place.

As the name suggests, workers’ compensation is designed to cover various types of injuries and illnesses that workers suffer at work. As an employee, it is important that you know how workers’ compensation functions and what you should do if you are hurt on the job.

Here are three steps you need to take immediately following a workplace-related injury.

See the doctor

No matter how minor you think your injuries are, it is important that you seek treatment as soon as you can. Most organizations have policies that outline what employees should do in the event of a workplace accident. Some organizations may have on-site nurses, while others may have specific doctors they prefer to work with when their employees are hurt. Seeking treatment as soon as you can ensures that your injury is promptly diagnosed and treated. Besides speeding your recovery time, this also ensures that your injury is accurately documented for the purpose of pursuing your claims.

Report the accident

If your workplace injury was severe, it makes sense that you seek treatment before anything else. Once you are out of danger, be sure to let your employer know about the injury as soon as you can. In fact, California law requires that you report a work-related injury to your employer in writing within 30 days.

Gather your evidence

Many things can contribute to a workplace accident. These can include hazards like wet floors, loose cables, or faulty equipment. If you know what caused your injury, be sure to document it. CCTV footage, as well as eyewitness statements, can also be very helpful when pursuing your workplace injury claim.

A workplace-related injury can be devastating. Knowing your legal options can help you protect your rights and interests while pursuing compensation for your damages.