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Understanding the causes of workplace burns

On Behalf of | May 31, 2023 | Serious Injury

Workplace burns are incredibly common, and they can result in severe complications. In some cases, a person who has suffered burns may need to be hospitalized extensively. Additionally, burns may leave scar tissue when they heal, which can lead to issues like disfigurement or even a loss of motor skills.

As such, it’s quite important for workers to know how these burns can occur so that they can work to prevent them. There are many different sources, and the most common examples are explored below.

Electrical burns

First and foremost, electrical hazards are very common in many workplaces. For example, electrocutions are one of the four deadliest hazards in the construction industry, often called the Fatal Four. Many people who suffer electrical injuries could sustain serious burns where they come in contact with a current or an electrical line.

Thermal burns

Of course, workers also have to look out for causes of thermal burns when working around hot materials. Welders face a particularly high level of risk, for instance. Explosions, scalding liquids, open flames and other hot objects are all known risks.

Chemical burns

Chemical burns happen when there’s a reaction with the skin or perhaps between two chemicals themselves. Many chemicals are caustic and corrosive. Exposure to many industrial-level cleaners, for example, could lead to burns, especially if a worker doesn’t have the right personal protection equipment.


Finally, for those who work outdoors, severe sunburns can pose a problem. People often don’t think of sunburns as a major issue, but they can lead to heat strokes, blisters, scarring and many other issues. In some cases, workers who are exposed to extensive heat could even have a fatal reaction to it. Long-term exposure could also lead to skin cancer.

Seeking compensation

These are just a few of the ways that workers can be burned and could suffer severe injuries on the job. Those who do need to know exactly what rights they may have in order to pursue proper workers’ compensation.