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2 common causes of falls in the workplace 

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2023 | Workplace Risks

The thing that makes falls so dangerous is that they can happen in any workplace. Hundreds of workers across different sectors are killed every year by falls, and thousands suffer serious injuries. 

Why are workplace falls so common? What are some of the leading causes of this type of accident?

1. Poorly maintained floor surfaces 

Some workplaces are very busy in terms of foot traffic. This can take its toll on floor surfaces. Floors may become worn, uneven and damaged after a set period, which makes them dangerous. 

Employers have a duty to ensure that workers are safe, and this includes maintaining and repairing the work environment. A loose floor tile, worn carpet or uneven surface is all it takes for falls to occur, potentially resulting in severe injuries. 

Cleaning routines are also a key aspect of floor maintenance. A floor can be in pristine condition but if something has been spilled and not cleaned up, it is every bit as dangerous as a worn floor. 

2. Poor lighting 

Floor surfaces are not the only aspect to consider in terms of the causes of falls. Workers must be able to see where they are going at all times, which means adequate lighting should be installed. This is especially the case for environments that are not exposed to natural daylight. For example, a secure warehouse with no windows. 

Housekeeping, maintenance and a conscientious approach are all required for workplace fall prevention. Unfortunately, even in environments where these factors are present, falls can still occur.  

If you’ve been injured on the job then you are likely entitled to workers’ compensation. Seeking legal guidance will give you further insight into your options.