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What injuries do home healthcare workers face?

On Behalf of | Jan 23, 2024 | Healthcare

Home healthcare workers play a vital role in providing essential services to individuals who require care in the comfort of their own homes. While beneficial for patients, this unique working environment presents a range of potential risks and injuries for the caregivers themselves.

Unlike traditional healthcare settings, where risks are well-identified and controlled, home healthcare environments are less predictable. Workers often find themselves in varying physical spaces, with different levels of accessibility and safety.

Physical strain and overexertion

One of the most common injuries among home healthcare workers stems from physical strain and overexertion. Lifting, moving or supporting patients, especially without proper equipment or assistance, can lead to back injuries, muscle strains and joint pain. These physical demands are often exacerbated by long working hours and the need to handle emergencies. Without proper training and ergonomic practices, such tasks can lead to chronic pain or more severe musculoskeletal disorders.

Exposure to health and safety hazards

Home healthcare workers are also exposed to various health and safety hazards. This includes exposure to infectious diseases, especially when dealing with patients with compromised immune systems or those suffering from contagious illnesses. These workers might encounter unsafe conditions in a patient’s home, such as poor air quality, exposure to harmful chemicals or unsanitary conditions. This risk is heightened because these workers often move between multiple residences, each with its own hazards.

Risk of violence and aggression

Another significant concern for home healthcare workers is the risk of violence and aggression. They may face physical or verbal abuse from patients or family members. Factors such as mental health issues, stress or substance abuse can escalate into aggressive behavior, putting the worker in harm’s way. The isolated nature of their work, often without immediate help, makes this a particularly challenging issue to address.

Injured home healthcare workers need to get immediate medical care. Workers’ compensation should cover the medical care expenses for these work-related injuries. Other benefits might also be possible, but injured workers may have to fight for those. Ultimately, seeking legal guidance can help to ensure that injured workers receive the maximum amount of compensation that they’re due.