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Why carpal tunnel syndrome really is a big deal

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2024 | Chronic Pain

If you’re a worker who has been experiencing unusual pain, weakness or numbness of the hand, thumb and first three fingers, it might be a good idea to be evaluated for carpal tunnel syndrome. Researchers used to think that repetitive stress from keyboard usage or other hand motions were the cause of this condition.

Now, while it is recognized that certain jobs and repetitive tasks can exacerbate carpal tunnel syndrome, those in the medical field have learned that a person’s anatomy is the primary factor in developing the syndrome. 

Carpal tunnel syndrome and your job

That’s not good news for those who may have been born with a smaller than average carpal tunnel region that causes the median nerve to compress. When this happens, sensations to that area are affected. Left untreated, the damage can worsen, making it impossible to hold a coffee mug or even button a shirt.

If you have to type reports all day, open and unpack boxes all shift or do any number of other tasks using your hands and fingers every day, you could wind up slowed down by carpal tunnel syndrome.

Most common nerve problem we face in America

Companies are recognizing that fixing this condition in its early stages for workers is easier and far less expensive than investing in hiring and training someone else to do the job. 

But as an employee, you must be proactive about reporting the numbness, pain and feelings of “pins and needles” in their hand(s). Often, the condition is bilateral, but one side may be worse than the other, and this should be noted, as well, if you want to claim it as a workplace injury.