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Can I claim workers’ compensation for injuries sustained when working remotely?

On Behalf of | Feb 24, 2024 | Workers Rights

The world is increasingly embracing remote work arrangements. While the process of claiming workers’ compensation for injuries sustained when working remotely may be complex compared to traditional work injury scenarios, it is still possible in many cases.

If you’re injured when working remotely, there are several factors that will influence your eligibility for workers’ compensation benefits.

Nature of the injury

To be eligible for workers’ compensation when injured while working remotely, the nature of the injury must be directly related to the duties or tasks performed in the course of employment. This means that the injury must have occurred while you were actively engaged in work-related activities, such as attending virtual meetings, completing assignments or any other tasks assigned by your employer. Additionally, the injury should have taken place during your designated working hours or while you were performing tasks that benefit your employer.

Reporting procedures

Injuries that happen in the line of duty must be reported to your employer as soon as possible according to their established reporting procedures. You should notify your supervisor or human resources department of the injury and providing details such as how and when it occurred, the nature of the injury, and any immediate medical treatment received. Adhering to your employer’s reporting procedures is crucial for initiating the workers’ compensation claim process and ensuring that you receive the necessary support and benefits.

Documentation and evidence

You should gather and maintain thorough documentation and evidence related to the injury, including any medical records, doctor’s notes, photographs of the injury if applicable and any communication with your employer regarding the incident. This documentation will serve as crucial evidence to support your workers’ compensation claim and demonstrate the severity and impact of the injury on your ability to work.

You are entitled to workers’ compensation for injuries sustained while working remotely if they meet the criteria outlined by workers’ compensation laws. By seeking legal guidance, you can get valuable insight and assistance in understanding your eligibility, gathering necessary documentation and advocating for your rights throughout the claims process.