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What hazards do daycare employees face at work?

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2024 | Workplace Risks

Daycare workers are critical in early childhood development, providing care and education in a nurturing environment. However, this profession comes with its own set of occupational hazards. 

The specific daycare workers face often stem from the nature of their work. Addressing these hazards effectively requires training, awareness, and adherence to safety protocols.

Physical strain and injuries

Daycare workers frequently engage in physically demanding activities such as lifting and carrying children, bending and kneeling. This can lead to musculoskeletal injuries, including back strain and repetitive stress injuries. Proper lifting techniques and ergonomic practices are essential to minimize these risks.

Exposure to infectious diseases

Due to the close contact with young children, daycare workers are at a heightened risk of exposure to infectious diseases like colds, flu and gastrointestinal infections. Children, especially in group settings, can easily transmit germs. Workers must follow strict hygiene practices, including regular handwashing and sanitization of surfaces and toys, to reduce the spread of illness.

Injury from equipment and toys

Daycare facilities are filled with equipment and toys that can pose a risk of injury if they’re not properly maintained. Regular checks and maintenance of playground equipment, furniture and toys are necessary to ensure safety.

Some daycare workers might be tempted to try to finish out a shift if they’re injured on the job. While that’s admirable, delayed medical care can lead to a worsening of the injury. These workers should have workers’ compensation coverage to take care of their medical expenses. In some cases, other benefits might also be possible. Working with someone familiar with these matters is critical.