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Why do work injuries go unreported

When an employee is injured at work, they should report to the employer. This ensures they receive just compensation to cover medical costs, lost wages and other damages. However, a significant percentage of work-related injuries go unreported. Below are three reasons...

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5 dangers for home healthcare workers

Home healthcare workers provide essential medical and support services to patients in their homes, but they also face unique challenges and risks while performing their duties. Agencies should have protocols in place to protect workers. Unfortunately, some dangers...

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Staying safe while using a ladder 

In an ideal world, all jobs would be carried out at eye level. Unfortunately, things are rarely this straightforward and workers are often required to work from a height. This is where ladders come into play. A ladder gives you access to points that are out of reach. ...

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Is typing bad for you?

Many people initially learned how to write with a pencil and paper in school, but they very rarely use those skills in the workplace. In the modern office, 99% of writing is simply done on a computer, which means that workers are generally typing out everything that...

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